Long live May Day The international solidarity day of the working class


May first (May Day) is an historic day, which has opened a clear unequivocal horizon on the worker’s struggle. This year, the international working class will present its class solidarity against the exploitative capitalist system on this day around the world.

Let on this day, the working class with their mighty hands, stops the wheel of capitalist’s accumulation, and by singing the international anthem, warn their existence as a class to the capitalists ‘long time’ savagery.

This year, May Day, arrives in Iran, where like last year, the labors’ wage is below the poverty line as well, with the staggering rise in the cost of living and the closure of factories, where, on daily bases, hundreds of thousands of workers are driven to the line of millions of unemployed queues, and parallel to that, a high percentage of unemployed workers are deprived of unemployment benefit (insurance) laws, and poverty and misery has fallen on their lives.

The repression of the labor activists, strike organizers and picket leaders are in particular, expelled & summonsed to court & remaining in jail. Any protest and resistance by workers will be faced with detention and imprisonment, and workers, in addition to the deprivation of their social rights, such as no right to organizing, strike and protests; they are facing with the most violent invasions of their lives on the daily bases.

Despite these fundamental problems, that the working class and the Iranian masses are facing, the labor struggle on a large scale, continues with protests and strikes for achieving their demands. The Workers’ struggle against the capitalist Islamic Republic has changed the political atmosphere of society for its own benefit and other social movements. The workers without fear and panic are standing against the government and employers and demand their rights severely and impose it to the regime to such extent that the balance of power permits them.

Dozens of continuous protests and strikes have been carried out, particularly by the workers of The Haft Tappeh Sugarcane and Ahwaz steel factories…, causing shivers on the criminal capitalist’s bodies.  The Haft Tappeh Sugarcane workers, by relying on their own class strength, have called for the removal of the employers and control of the factory. Worker of the Steel workers in Ahwaz incitingly demanded their rights without fear of arrest and imprisonment.

In late December 2017, and early January 2018, We have witnessed the popular uprising of the Iranians in most of the cities of Iran, with masses simultaneously and coordinately pouring into the streets and shouting slogans against the class and gender inequality, without fear and panic. They questioned and cursed the capitalist Islamic system, without illusion to any internal factions. Undoubtedly, most of the participants of these protests, have tied their demands and rights to the working-class interests.  These movements were not possible without the continuous and ongoing workers ‘struggles, which have played an important role in the creation and the strengthening of the political atmosphere of the Iranian society.

Despite the atmosphere of oppression on society during the past few years, Iranian worker’ struggles on May Day, have continued more or less, and the workers have had gatherings, rallies, celebrations and they have issued resolutions in this day. Given the strength and weakness of the past years’ struggles, this year, the level of struggle has led to a dramatic improvement, and workers and their allies will be more eager and aware to welcome May Day. It is quite obvious that the oppression apparatus are hiding soberly, to suppress workers and in particular to arrest the labor activists and will attack them from all sides, therefore, it is very true, that the creation of the mass rallies and celebrations, will be faced with all kinds of barriers and oppressions; although, over the past years, despite the oppressive atmosphere and all the security measures and wide pressures on labor leaders and activists in the workplaces and outside, were increased, but the workers have been struggling continuously for the creation of their mass organization and against the inequalities and the pressure excreted by economic crisis with fierce resistance.

The militant and conscious workers, are aware that the process of the irreconcilable class struggle will lead to arrest, imprisonment and torture of the labor and socialist activists, and will deprive them of their basic social and political rights, but without doubt, it with have victories and achievements & eventually that will pave the way for more serious struggles.

May Day is the day for the working-class alliance to unify and maintain the solidarity against the barbaric capitalist system. Therefore, the key to victory is the realization of this unity, in the creation of independent labor organizations.

We, the solidarity committees with the Iranian workers movement, in line with this process and along with working class and all the militants, will welcome May Day, and salute and congratulate the working class, all freedom fighters and the labor activists.

Forward towards the solidarity of labor organizations, in a common struggle and stand united against the capitalist system!

Long live socialism!

Solidarity committees with the Iranian workers movement- abroad



25 April, 2018


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