We are proud of letting you know the sixty two edition of our Bulletin

Dear readers,
1st.of May, the day of International working people solidarity, once more

pushing forward the cause of millions upon millions oppressed and exploited

people .Life has proved unity makes strong. we are proud of letting you know the sixty two

edition of our Bulletin is going to reflect the course of support and solidarity between Iranian workers
movement which has been thru a year of tough struggle in form of strikes, demonstrations, protests,
marches, sit-ins, often culminating into physical encounters by security forces, arrests and
imprisonment. All in all the year of 2017 we witnessed the greatest upsurge in struggle, uprising of
the masses in more than 80 towns , 5000 arrests and according to Government report 25 protesters
were killed by brutal security forces. No doubt international solidarity through out world with
working class movements of Iran , specially in case of Iranian workers suffering in prisons played a
great positive role , making it clear that the workers of Iran are not alone,they have friends and
comrades all over the world.In special presentation we will find some of the messages .
Due to the large volume of documents collected in this area, we will inevitably

publish them as part of this same issue, separately and comfortably.
AWNI Editorial Board



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