فراخوان سندیکاهای فرانسوی به تظاهرات در حمایت از فعالین کارگری ‌در ایران

pour la défense des droits des travailleurs et des libertés syndicales en Iran

Worker’s New Year and May 1st

Happiness to the workers of the world

We passed one worker’s year, the year that was the most obvious witness to the class struggle of labor and capital. Over the course of centuries, and throughout, discrimination of the contemporary world of capitalism, shadow of war, inequality, poverty, hunger, global warming, and the migration of millions human beings and  … circling over the people’s head.

In Iran, the situation of the workers has been severely damaged as a result of the Islamic Republic’s plunder. The systematic repression of leading workers and organizations of the workers’ movement has become one of the constant policies of the Islamic regime since the revolution. However, Iranian workers are deprived of their independent and universal organization, and labor activists are either in prison or on bail, waiting to be arrested again. The exploiting Iranian capitalism left no plan or trick aside in over exploitation of workers: Has delayed or unpaid the wages of workers for months and years, many salaries and benefits of workers, including the share of workers’ insurance, were eliminated or not paid. Many work places were shut down under unrealistic reasons and made many workers unemployed, striking workers and their standing representatives were fired, any protesting movements crack down under the regime backing and military forces and judiciary (regime Which is itself the largest capitalist and represents and defends the interests of capitalists), placing workers in jail, tortured, killed or made them to commit suicide and or assassinated. The situation of Afghan workers living in Iran due to discrimination, humiliations and excessive deprivation are much worse.

In the face of all these oppression and injustice, the workers and other strata of the working people of the society did not remain silent, throughout the country, and in all the big cities and towns, all year round, we witnessed protests, strikes and various initiatives in the continuation of their struggles. The long strikes of Ahwaz Steel National Group, Haft Tapeh Sugarcane, Hepco and Azarab Arak, workers of the Sherkat Vahed, petrochemicals, workers of all municipalities, telecommunications and … women’s struggles, teachers, retirees, nurses and students, and in particular fighting political prisoners as well as farmers, lost bank depositors, on back carrier( people whom for making a living carrying stuff on their back from Iraq Kurdish side to Iran side, whose being shot by regime of Iran many times), earthquakes and … Which showed its peak in the uprising of the deprived and oppressed of the society, linking the bread, labor and freedom movement on December 29 to Jan 8 2018, shocked the countries in many towns and cities for 10 days, the brilliant signs of these constant and rightfulness struggles were in alignment, coherence and solidarity. Efficient organization, smart and intelligent planning, righteous and slamming slogans, reliance on its power in slogans such as:

 “If you cannot run the factory, we the workers, ourselves can take it in our hands and manage it” (quote from workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company) the families participations in the marches and sometimes the support of other strata of the people show the characteristics of this era. The prominent role of conscious and fighting women in these struggles is very impressive. In particular, their presence on March 8 with the slogan “Employment and equal pay is the right of all women” and in protest against inequality and gender discrimination in the field of employment and livelihoods in front of the Ministry of Labor indicates the growth of consciousness of this movement, which seeks to rely on the most fundamental demands of women are to go along with the workers’ movement and help organize women workers. The unity of workers, the firm determination to resist and endure to the end, and to fear of any threat, danger and imprisonment, and even death, declaring that: “Attacks and arrests have no effect. Until we get our rights, the strike continues.” The effective factors were to gain some temporary and relative success of the workers, indicating the progression and offensive in place of acting defensive, workers’ protests over the past year, however, many of the rightful demands of workers have not yet been addressed and they have not been achieved due to imbalances of power to workers disadvantage.

But the class struggle does not end till to the complete elimination of classes. One year is over, but a promising and tumultuous year is ahead, and the remaining demands remain a decisive battleground for continued engagement. The year ahead of us, the annunciation of the continuation, expansion, and deepening of these struggles through deeper unification, wider organization and expansion, and the unification of these dispersed streams and the emergence of a flood of their own in disturbing the balance of power for the benefit of the workers. The knowledgeable and militant Ahwaz steel workers rightly said and preached that: “Today, the only way to cope with the misfortune that goes against us is to unite the workers of all industries all over the country. Our power and strength to stand against bullies and gold worshiper capitalists will become more and more consistent with our unity. Hoping for the day that all of us, the workers of this land, consistently and in one voice and concerted consistently fulfill our demands and play a role in determining our own fate. “

With this promising guideline, on this auspicious day of May 1st, the day of the unity and struggle of the working class of the world, we are looking forward to the new worker’s day, and with the hope of a bright future, we will flourish victorious flag of the bigger victories of the working class.


Happy first of May Day

Victorious be the struggles of the working class of Iran and the world

To be establish a national and independent organization of workers in Iran

Be overthrown the capitalist system of the Islamic Republic of Iran

“Common Action Network”

First may of 2018

Signatures in alphabetical order:

Association for the Defense of Political and Conscience Prisoners in Iran – Paris

Society of Socialists – Sweden

Cultural-Social Society of Thought – Gothenburg – Sweden

Kurdish population living in France

Supporting the Iranian People’s Movement – Mains – Germany

Workers activist ‘Network in Defense of Workers’ demands (Calgary) – Canada

Coordinating Council against the Islamic Republic’s killing (shouting Khavaran) – Sweden

Solidarity Council with the Workers’ Movement- Paris-France

Solidarity Council with the struggles of the people of Iran – London – England

The center of Iranian political refugees – Berlin, Germany

The refugee center in Munster, Germany

Democratic and Socialist Activists Center – Hannover – Germany

The Center of Solidarity with Workers in Iran – Gothenburg – Sweden

The Center of Solidarity with the Labor Movement in Iran Frankfurt – Germany

The center of solidarity with the labor movement in Iran, Hannover, Germany

Committee for the Defense of Iranian Political Prisoners-Berlin-Germany

Committee for the Defense of the People of Iran – Switzerland

Committee for the Defense of the People of Iran – Chicago – America

Solidarity Committee with the struggles of the people of Iran – Frankfurt – Germany

Workers’ Solidarity Committee of Iran and Sweden

Solidarity with Workers Movement in Iran – Abroad

Socialist solidarity with Iranians  workers – France

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